Book, Chapter, and PARAGRAPH – Restoring Context

Author Wayne Newland sent a copy of his book in the mail a few weeks ago. I didn’t expect to find it interesting but boy was I wrong. Once I started reading it I read right through it in two or three days (fast for me).

This book is right on target about the importance of context when it comes to study of the Bible. There is lots of helpful material for any student of the Bible. I think it will be especially helpful and interesting for Restoration Movement people and more narrowly, church of Christ people.

Wayne Newland is a long time member of the church of Christ who now lives and worships in Maine. He loves the Restoration Movement and its people but is honest in his appraisal of the errors in Bible interpretation that are common within the movements so-called “conservative” wing.

I came away very impressed with Wayne’s careful research  and thoughtful approach to making his case. He focuses on some Bible verses that are routinely used by legalists (my description, not the authors) as proof texts. He has not only made the clear case that they are taken out of context but has gone to great lengths to find the first use of some of those verses among church of Christ brothers. Most, if not all of the divisions and splits, in our fellowship are the direct result of poor handling of the Word of God.

I appreciate Wayne and this noble work. I wish every one of our “conservative”brothers would read this book and begin to apply it to their lives. Sadly, most of the readers will likely be people like me, in which case brother Wayne is preaching to people who already agree with him 100%

The book is available from the author for only $12.00. You can contact the author easily at . I recommend you get a copy and enjoy and employ Wayne Newland’s wise words.

Royce Ogle

2 comments on “Book, Chapter, and PARAGRAPH – Restoring Context

  1. I always say, the 3 most important rules to interpreting Scripture is:
    #1. Context
    #2. Context
    #3. Context

    Context, context, context!

    Is there somewhere we can go to learn more about the book?

    Not that I know of.


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