Food for Yazoo City

Hurricanes make the national news on TV for about two or three days and then some sleazy political type, film star, or pro athlete captures the headlines. Meanwhile the recovery from a twister like the one that spun its way through Yazoo City, MS and further north of Jackson takes a long time.

At once, good hearted people of all stripes begin at once to see what they can do to help. Volunteers start driving in, linemen, and other tradesmen show up to do the work that only they can do. And, everyone of them needs a good hot meal each day.

Then there are the citizens whose homes left the county in a matter of a few seconds and they are left with nothing but memories of what home used to be and little hope for what home will be and all of them need at least one hot meal each day.

One of those volunteers who makes a radical difference is one Mike Baumgardner. Since Hurricane Ike, if a storm hits Mike is on the scene pronto! Carol and I met Mike in Galvaston. He  and some volunteers were serving hundreds of hot meals to anyone who needed them. In the humid summer heat, for hours every day they unloaded trucks, prepared, cooked, and boxed food and served it. And, that is exactly what he is doing now. He told me yesterday that he is serving about 300 meals per day and could do 1,000 if he had the funds.

Mike needs help in a big way!

Anyone who has been to the grocery store recently knows that food is not cheap. In addition to the cost of the food there is the expense of operating the motorhome/kitchen, running a generator, and…., well, you get the picture.

Only God knows how much of his own money Mike has spent feeding people over the past several months but he can’t do any more. On his website at There is a PayPal button if you want to help this worthwhile ministry. Every dollar donated will be used to help feed the hungry.

Speaking of feeding the hungry, Mike’s associates are Evangelist Don Hudson and his wife Rosemary. Don delivers food and then gives the bread of life! Don seeks every opportunity to share Christ with those who are ready to listen. What a team! Who was it in the Bible that cared for the needs of body and soul? Hmm….Oh, that was Jesus!

Please help out if you can. Visit site and help feed the hungry in Yazoo City.

Carol and I are planning on driving over to help serve lunch on Saturday. Come by and say hi if you are in the area. Mike is set up and the corner of E. Broadway and Hwy 49 at an abandoned car dealership.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and support.

For Him,

One comment on “Food for Yazoo City

  1. Thanks for posting this, Royce! I think often times the reason that assistance programs struggle for money is that “we” don’t know that they exist.

    For any coC bloggers reading this, I think it would be awesome for each of you to do a post listing and linking to charities/programs that you believe in and support. I’m always leery about giving, so a shout-out from you guys means a bunch as it lends credibility.

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