The Good Life

On June 27th I will be the magical age of 65, by all measures a certified senior citizen. My life has been mostly good with  a scattering of road blocks, dead-end streets, lots of pot holes, but on the whole, pretty smooth sailing.

Now I am one of those wise old men! I have the white hair, many years under my belt, and experiences….ahh, the experiences…almost enough for two lifetimes.

I have a good life!

  • I am certain of my future. It is as sure as God is faithful. I have an authentic Christian faith that has sustained me in good and bad times for over 50 years.
  • I have a wonderful wife. Carol is a beautiful, talented lady who is devoted to me and she makes my life full and complete. The sound of her voice in the morning sparks joy in my heart. We are one, one in Christ, one in purpose, one in loving our family and friends.
  • My family is the best! My daughter and her husband and three boys, and my son and his wife and their three daughters are the absolute best! (I can’t bear to call Kelly and Jason step children..) They are smart, ambitious, godly people and every one loves Papa!
  • We share a great home with good neighbors. We built our dream home and love it every day we live here.
  • I am as healthy as a horse! Few men my age have as few health issues. Except for some allergies I have a clean bill of health. For this I am very, very thankful! It is very rare to be my age and in almost perfect health in every way.
  • I am blessed with good friends. I have some I see often, some not so often but many who would spare nothing to come to my aid should I ask. I have many old, tried and true friends, who at the end of our phone chats will say “I love you”, both men and women. That to me is very, very special.
  • In spite of divorce and death, and the dark days associated with them, God has given a blessed ministry. I am able to help others who are hurting, teach the truths of God to others, be an encourager, help folks bury their dead, and comfort survivors. It was necessary for me to walk a while in the silent darkness of despair to be prepared to walk that road holding the hands of others. For that I am full of thanksgiving.
  • I fish, I bowl, I watch NASCAR on TV, I keep my little spot of planet earth manicured, I enjoy the sights and sounds of N E Louisiana and look forward with anticipation to each new tomorrow.
  • I have folks who read what I write. Enough that I made the list of the top 25 Progressive Church of Christ blogs, and there are hundreds, maybe thousands of them. So, I do appreciate my readers. Almost all of them are kind, even when they disagree. Unfortunately and unintentionally, sometimes I rub folks the wrong way. For that I am sorry, it is never my plan.

This is a snapshot of the life of an old, happy guy. I am living the “Good Life”!


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