Spring Forward!

Setting the clocks ahead one hour, Bradford Pear trees blooming in the yard, and annual plants peeking through the soil make me smile. I love spring!

Bass and crappie are moving into shallow water, I’m planning my garden, and looking forward to dinners on the back porch. Soon humming birds, blue birds, and purple martins will show up to enjoy our part of the world. Long, warm days fit me to a tee. No shirt, no shoes, no problem.

I have tried very hard to not complain about the cold weather this winter. It still hurts my feelings to be cold. Why would anyone want to be cold? I don’t get it.

Spring reminds me renewal. There is beauty everywhere. The drab, bleak, landscape of winter is transformed into amazing beauty in a matter of a few days. It also reminds me of the resurrection of Jesus. The hopeless and helpless now have hope and help and eternal life springs forth like an endless fountain. Everyone is invited to drink deeply and live.

Christ is not in a tomb, he is not on a cross, he is alive and is life for all who trust him. The resurrection of Jesus promises an eternal spring for those who take God at his word and depend wholly upon Him.



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