Haiti Relief – Urgent

All of us have seen the alarming images on the TV news and are aware of the magnitude of the earthquake in Haiti. Many are asking “How can I help?” or “Where can our church contribute?”

I strongly recommend WFR Relief Ministries for your Haiti giving. A reasonable question is “Why?” I am happy to tell you why.

WFR Relief has been responding to natural disasters globally since 1981. For almost 30 years if an event has been significant enough to make national news we have responded the best way possible using funds donated by churches of Christ and individuals. God has allowed us to be a conduit for literally tens of millions of dollars over these years to get help and hope to the hurting in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

On thing that sets us apart from other relief groups is our relationships around the world. In Haiti for example, because of our long-standing relationships with men who are speakers through our World Radio ministry, we know local church leaders well. In addition to these contacts, Don Yelton, WFR Relief Director, personally knows missionaries and local ministers in every corner of the earth. Don has become known as “Mr. Relief” because of his extensive experience and expertise in relief work. We know where  funds are going and that every dollar will be administered by local church leaders to help their members and the member’s neighbors as funds make it possible.

This time tomorrow we will have two men on the ground in Port-au-Prince. WFR Relief and World Radio Team Leader Ben Adkins and one of our own who has become a missions guru of sorts, David Heath, will be there accessing urgent needs and encouraging our brothers and sisters that help is on the way.

Because WFR Relief is a local church ministry and is housed in our church building in West Monroe, LA our overhead in only a tiny fraction of most other charities. And, in addition, for most of our 30 year history Relief has had no more than one or two employees. This has enabled us to get more money to the needy than any other relief ministry I am aware of. We have also cultivated partnerships over time so that dollars can be multiplied when we need medical supplies and other goods. It is not uncommon for $1.00 to do the work of $3.00 because of these relationships.

It is our goal to as quickly as possible provide funds for urgent emergency needs for believers in Haiti and to engender hope as we do. Then long-term our hope is that we can assist with rebuilding housing and lives. We know that our obedience to God’s commands to care for the needy is a pathway for getting the good news of Christ Jesus our Lord to the masses. Relief is a wonderful ministry but it is not the end. It is rather the beginning of preparing for a harvest of souls for Christ to God’s eternal glory.

I trust you will consider WFR Relief for your Haiti giving. Please pray for Ben and David as they travel and for the ministry team back at home.



One comment on “Haiti Relief – Urgent

  1. Hi ,
    i`m Kelly, i have 22 yrs old from York , England .

    We try to share this link from –Debby Alten — blog to share the story of espeacial lady with one amazing story !
    We try to make something to help alittle this childrens , just search and look !


    Our hearts are for the families from Haiti ,too ! Let`s keep prayers for all the overhelming situation of there .

    Often when we face obstacles in our day-to-day life, our hurdles seem very small in comparison to what many others have to face. The Brooklyn Bridge shows us that dreams that seem impossible can be realised with determination and persistence, no matter what the odds are.The pursuit of happiness is a matter of choice…it is a positive attitude we consciously choose to express. It is not a gift that gets delivered to our doorstep each morning, nor does it come through the window. And I am certain that our circumstances are just a small part of what makes us joyful. If we wait for them to get just right, we will never find lasting joy.

    The LORD is with us !

    -:) Hugs !!!

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