I get emails…..

Each day my “inbox” has at least a few messages from some dishonest pin head whose goal is to separate me from my dollars. Those are easy enough to dismiss. I just report them as “Spam” and the next time they hit my system the are filed away in the “Spam” folder and forgotten.

More difficult to dismiss are the dozens of email messages I receive from good friends each month that go something like this.

Some cheesy poem or a prayer is followed by:

“If you send this to 10 of your friends you will have an unexpected blessing in 48 hours”. Or, “If you really love God you will forward this to all of your friends”

I get these mostly from people who are Christians and should be mature enough to know better.

I also regularly receive messages promising that if I forward the email to 100 people Bill Gates will send me some $$’s. It amazes me that grown ups can be so naive. I have news for you, baby there is not free ride! You are not going to get something for nothing from a company who wants to make a profit.

Thankfully, I get emails from people who are encouraging, enlightening,  entertaining, funny as can be, and with worthy news. I love those! And, I get a sprinkling of messages appreciating something I have written, I also love those messages almost to the point of being sinful. (All of us love the praise of men to some degree don’t we?)

Email, Facebook, and Twitter can be fun, informative, inspiring and very useful but they can also be robbing you of time that would be better spent elsewhere.

Lets make a deal, just me and you. Next time lets think about it a bit before before we hit the “forward” button. I believe just a bit of reason will eliminate some of the junk from our busy lives.

This rant was completely free and you have to do nothing in return.


P.S. If you forward this the link to this post to everyone on your contacts list and have them send me $1.00 through PayPal I will have minnow money for the summer. I know this will work! LOL

2 comments on “I get emails…..

  1. Dare I be blunt? I rarely find anything of value in forwarded e-mails. I delete most without reading them. If someone takes the time to write me something, I’m more than interested in reading it. If they just pass on something they got… err, no thanks.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. Amen on the e-mails. It’s more than naive, however; it borders on treating God like a cosmic bell-hop. “I’ll leave you a tip God if you just give me what I want.” Like serving God is best done according to a formula – “If you do ‘A’ and ‘B’, then you’ll get ‘C’ from God.” How about just praising him because he is the Almighty? Isn’t that enough?

    Wise words my friend. You hit the nail on the head.
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.


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