Surviving the Holidays

surviving-the-holidaysOnly 40 days until Christmas! Where does the time go? What do you have planned for Thanksgiving Day this year?

I love this time of year. Even I, a Scrooge, am already thinking of doing some Christmas shopping. I was thinking today that soon I’ ll be putting up some lights along the edge of my house. The air is crisp and I can almost taste the turkey and dressing.

For many people the holiday season is not something to look forward to. Thanksgiving and Christmas are anchors for family in almost every American home. It is the season each year when almost every family member will be around the table. The intimate family time with those we love most is a happy event.

For some people the holidays only make the sadness more profound and the darkness even blacker. While most of the family is busy planning family meals and which parties to attend others are trying desperately to figure a way to avoid the crowds, even family, and just be left alone.

For the grieving, birthdays, anniversaries, and especially Thanksgiving and Christmas are very tough to handle. These times that should be so much fun are only reminder of what was, or rather “who was”, and is now gone. There are likely members of your family, or a neighbor, co-worker, or someone you know well at church, who is in intense pain now and as the days tick off toward the holidays the hurt only intensifies.

There is help. You or your friend or loved one can Survive the Holiday season. Here in the Monroe/West Monroe area there will be several opportunities to participate in a Surviving the Holidays group in the next few weeks. Tomorrow, November 14th at 2 p.m. the Forsythe church of Christ in Monroe will be hosting a group. There will be a DVD to watch, a beautiful song by a soloist, a candle lighting, and people just like me and you who have lost someone they loved deeply. After the DVD there will be a time to talk, or listen, and friendly, caring people there to help.

The minister at Forsythe Church, John Dobbs, and wife Maggie, and my wife Carol and I, are facilitators for Grief Share and invite you to come. If you can’t attend this time there will be another session at White’s Ferry Rd Church in West Monroe on Dec 12th and First Baptist West Monroe will have one a few days later. If you want more info visit the Forsythe Church website or call Carol Ogle at 665-0569.

Don’t go it alone, please accept our offer to walk the lonely road with you. Beginning the 2nd week of January the first of 13 weekly sessions of Grief Share will begin and you are invited. You will be glad you came. Do it for yourself or someone you love.

for healing,


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