For almost a half century the good news has been going to the far reaches of the globe from West Monroe, Louisiana through the ministry of World Radio, a missions ministry of the Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ. In 1963 some great men of God took seriously Christ’s command to preach the good news to every people group. My friends Bill Smith, Alton Howard (presently in heaven), and others, were men of vision who dared to dream they could get the story of Jesus to people literally everywhere! Now forty six years later tens of thousands have claimed Christ as Savour and Lord and thousands of local churches have been established in far away places by people who learned the story of Jesus and God’s redemption while listening to a radio broadcast.

World Radio is a local church ministry with a world wide vision. Presently WR is beaming the gospel into 89 countries. 155 radio speakers are preaching across the air waves in 49 different languages. World Radio in the early days produced broadcasts from studios in the church building in West Monroe, LA but as technology grew the methods changed and for many years WR provides radio time for indigenous preachers to share Christ in the languages of the people who listen. People are hearing the good news in their native tongue in Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Chad, Colombia, Croatia, Dominican Republic and many, many more countries all around the world. And, they are coming to Christ.

World Radio speakers working with others are able to offer free Bible correspondence courses and to connect people with other believers in their communities where they can be loved and discipled. One of the most recent, and for me one of the most exciting, new broadcasts is a Spanish language broadcast in a very needy place, metropolitan Dallas/Ft Worth. A wonderful Mexican brother and gifted servant, Sixto Rivera is reaching the huge Latino audience with the message that sets men free. The response has been awesome with listeners requesting CD’s of the broadcasts to send to relatives in Mexico and countries in South America. Many listeners are being connected with DFW congregations who are equipped to minister to them the grace of God in Christ Jesus. There is no match for gospel radio! How better to reach the hopeless masses than in their cars and homes and work places?

I invite you to visit the World Radio offices in West Monroe, Louisiana if you are in our area. Or click on World Radio’s weblink and learn more about this wonderful open door for the gospel of Jesus. I am proud to say that our own Ben Adkins was recently appointed by the WFR elders as World Radio Team Leader. Ben is uniquely gifted and equipped to lead such an international ministry. He is a great husband and father, preacher and teacher, and humble servant. Open doors abound and are only limited by the funds coming in as Ben, his team, and our elders and church wait upon the Lord in faith.

Will you prayerfully consider World Radio for some of your mission giving? There is no better way on earth to get the gospel to so many people for the dollars spent. WR can literally blanket the world with the good news if God touches enough hearts to partner with this ministry in the gospel. At a minimum, please pray for Ben Adkins and his team at World Radio.

I am humbled that God has allowed me to worship with the most wonderful people I know for the last 9 years. I have never known a local church with such world vision, and such unconditional love for the down and out and the up and out. In addition to World Radio the global relief ministry WFR Relief also calls Whites Ferry Road Church home. We Care, Mexico Medical Missions, church planting, Celebrate Recovery, Grief Share, Divorce Care, and perhaps a dozen other local and international ministries are undertaken by our people. There is but one way to get men fit for heaven and eternal life, Jesus Christ our Lord. We preach Him!

for Jesus,


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