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this is not me

this is not me










Since I discovered Bloglineskeeping up with my friends blog posts and the latest news is so easy even I can do it! Thanks to John Dobbs’ recommendation my computer desktop tells me when there is a post I have not read yet and I click on the flashing red reminder and a list of links appear on the left side of the screen including all of those I have not seen. On the right side of the screen is the text of the post and should I want to comment I only have to click the “comments” button or the title of the blog and I am taken directly to the “comments” section of the selected blog.

I have 30 sites in my Bloglinesreader, 28 blogs and two news sites, The Drudgereport and Fox News. This tip from the Dobber has saved me lots of time. I tried Google Reader but after checking it and some others found that Bloglines suited me best. Perhaps it will save you some time too.


3 comments on “Online Reading Made Easy

  1. Royce, I followed your recommendation and added it too, so I owe John as well. I think it only fair to offer him a cash gratuity, so if you can send him $20 that should cover for both of us! LOL!

    You are holding your breath?

    Love you bro’

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