Power from on High, Pentecost.

“Almost 2,000 years ago, following the atoning sacrifice made by Jesus Christ and his exaltation in heaven, God poured out his Spirit on Jesus’ followers on the earth. Those events marked the beginning of the Last Days — a time of salvation and messianic blessings to believers in all nations. This era, foretold by the prophets, will continue until Jesus returns to judge the world and to bring about the consummation of God’s everlasting Kingdom. During the interim, Jesus is present with his people through the Holy Spirit – and he immerses them in his personal Presence and power.”

These are the words of my friend Edward Fudge. There are many, many questions about the work of the Holy Spirit in today’s world and about what really happend on that first Pentecost after the birth of Jesus and the story of Acts 2 in the Bible.

Brother Fudge has written an excellent, outlined, study of this subject and you can read it here on his website. “


The baptism of the Holy Spirit

I have long held these exact views and have written extensively about them but not nearly as well as Edward Fudge. Our people need to know these great Bible truths today.

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For truth,


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