Radical Intercession

We always pray for each other,

That our God may make us all worthy of his calling,
And that we may fulfill every resolve for good,
And that every work be of faith by His power,
So that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in each
of us, and us in him, According to the grace of our God and the
Lord Jesus Christ. (2 Thessalonians 1:11,12)

What if we prayed for each other as Paul prayed for the
believers at Thessalonica? Our daily lives, the challenges we
face, and our problems are very different than those Christians
faced, but in many ways we are very much the same. One thing
is certain; Paul’s prayer for them ought to be our prayer for each other.

 Shouldn’t we want God to make us and our eternal  family a
people who live our lives in a manner that is worthy of God’s
call to us? Christians! Christ’s ambassadors on earth.
(2 Cor 5:20)

Don’t we all desire that each of us fulfill God’s purpose for us,
to do good works as a lifestyle? (Eph 2:10)

God’s best for us is that every thing we do for Him be done by trusting Him completely and depending on His power, and not
our might or wisdom. (1 Cor 2:3-5)

We should want Christ glorified and exalted in us, and we
must find our glory only in Him.

familyprayer_soft_edge1We recognize all of these benefits are the free gifts of
grace in and through the Lord Jesus Christ.

What if we prayed for each other in a purposeful, methodical
way, so that every family in our churches is specifically prayed
for, for a week, several times a year?

If only ten families, (or individuals)took the challenge and
prayed for one family each week for 52 weeks, just think how many would have been prayed for a whole week specifically
and on purpose. If 20 families took the challenge, each family
would be prayed for a week twice each year. If you had 100
families who determined to pray for other families, …well, get
the picture? (When I wrote this I had in mind a very large

If we not only prayed for another family, but also prayed for
one ministry, one elder, and one staff member, just think how
much the whole church body would be bathed in prayer! Why
can’t we do this? No..why don’t we do this?

Recently I had a family of former members on my heart and I
sent an email saying that I would be praying for them for the
next week, every day of the week. And I asked, “What
specifically can I pray for?” Soon I received a return email from
a grateful dad with a list of 5 specific requests. I replied with a
thank you and a request that he let me know as God
answered my prayers for them. I knew he will be glad to do so.

What if you received a phone call, got an email, or was asked
at church, “What can we pray about for you and your family
next week?” And, what if that happened on a regular basis,
almost every month?

What if you had 30, or 50, or 80 families or more, excited
about praying for others, experiencing the joy of answered
prayer, bearing the burdens of others, and even being an
answer to some of their brothers and sisters requests?
And, knowing the joy of having others lovingly pray for them,

What if we prayed for each other using the components of
Paul’s prayer for the Thessalonians as a guide, and for specific
requests as well? Would it make us more likely to pray on a
regular basis? I think it would. Would it help those who pray
and those who are prayed for? I know it would.

What if we don’t?

In Christ’s love,




3 comments on “Radical Intercession

  1. Dear brother Ogle,
    I am thankful you have brought forward the subject of prayer. It is surely the great deficiency among so many of us. Our Restoration heritage has emphasized thought and study of the scriptures, which often results in pride (1 Cor. 8:1b).
    But inherent in genuine prayer is our humbling to speak to our Creator — aware of our failures to be like Him. Our flesh always seeks to express independence, is quick to excuse our failures, and often has little concern for the burdens of others.
    The indwelling Spirit wars against our flesh to change that in us, Gal. 5:17.

    Nearly 15 years ago, the following words were spoken in the closing address at the Pepperdine University Bible lectures:
    “Prayer, after all, involves exposing our weaknesses and our hurts and our sins, before the Lord and each other. It involves risk and surrender, it involves facing up to sins that we cherish and letting go of securities that we lean upon. It involves intimacy, vulnerability.
    Its hard to protect yourself, or hide your sin when you pray regularly and frevently with another person, especially your wife or husband. And its hard to protect yourself from God. As I see more clearly now, I had allowed Satan to erect a stronghold in that realm of my life.”

    May the Lord show us all our need to speak to Him more and more.

    I appreciate your words and the great quote which is so very true.

  2. Royce,
    Don’t let Randy and those guys over there on his blog get you caught up in their contentious arguments. They are just wanting to build their own ego’s up. They act like school yard bullies who never grew up, which is nothing like Jesus. Be careful and take care.

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