President Obama, Change I can’t believe in

The morning after President Obama’s inauguration I typed into my web browser and clicked on the tab labeled “Agenda”. For several minutes I read item after item and thought to myself, man are we in a heap of trouble. In the few days since then the national news has spoken in some detail about Executive Orders by the President and their impact on our country. So far, this is change I can’t believe in.

They are dated January 22, 2009

The people who are very pleased with this agenda of change thay want you to believe in, other than liberal Democrats, are our sworn enemies. We can no longer extract  information using methods that are clearly effective. That is immoral. However, it is moral to kill them. So in the mind of Mr. Obama it is better to kill than to water board an enemy combatant. Will this part of the “Agenda” of the President make us more safe, or less safe? I can’t believe in this kind of change.

The prison for war criminals at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba will be closed in one year. Neither the President nor any of his administration knows where the prisoners will go when it is closed. Will they be freed? Will they be brought to America? Will they be given all the rights of due process American citizens enjoy? Will we fly in radical Islam fanatics so they can have a jury of their peers? This is not change I can believe in.

And, the President, by a stroke of his pen, insured that your tax dollars and mine will be used to kill unborn babies around the world. President Regan made it illegal for U.S. taxpayer money to be used for abortion in places where we provide foreign aid. President Clinton reversed that by executive order. President Bush put it back into effect, and now President Obama has reversed policy once more. Now a portion of your tax dollars and mine can fund the murder of unborns, not only here in the U.S., the mecca of infanticide, but around the world. This is not change I can believe in.

To his discredit, President Bush and President Obama believe our weakening economy can be cured by massive government spending the likes of which history has not ever seen. The U.S. government does not create jobs except for government jobs that we have to pay for. President Obama is pushing some tax cuts and some welfare checks called tax cuts but remember you heard it here, tax hikes are coming. I don’t know how long it will be before reality sets in but there is no other solution to deficits in the trillions for the near future at a minimum. This is change I can’t believe in.

I will give the President credit for one thing. He said as a candidate what he intended to do and he is only keeping his campaign promises.

One comment on “President Obama, Change I can’t believe in

  1. Hey Okay’ed a missile strike in Pakistan that killed 10 last week (did you read that…IN Pakistan) but waterboarding is bad? We are in for a rough four years…hopefully not 8.


    This is a perfect example of the warped morality of many on the left who claim the moral high ground on every issue. It is not unlike abortion. The logic goes like this. “Some kids are not getting enough to eat so lets kill them before thery are born. This is the moral choice of thinking people” Thus killing is a better alternative than dealing with poverty.

    Oh well, we have what we have.


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