Buckle Up, Save a Life


In my state of Louisiana the state police estimate that 25% of all occupants in motor vehicles on our highways do not wear their seat belts. But, 68% of all motor vehicle fatalities are unrestrained by seat belts. The addition of alcohol and drug use while driving make it even more likely that you will die if you do not wear your seat belt.

Why do people continue to ride unrestrained? I doubt the reason is ignorance. Seat belt use has been law in most states for several years and numerous groups have advertised the danger of not being restrained in a moving vehicle. Are people stupid? Perhaps a few are. The most likely case is that people are just irresponsible.

What ever the cause, flirting with death is not a smart choice. The cure is so simple. If you are not habitually wearing your seat belt, put a sticky note on your dash, tie a string on your finger, put you ignition key in the seat belt buckle, or whatever will remind you and do it for 10 days and it will likely become a habit. We all are creatures of habit, some good and some bad, Why not force yourself to create a good, lifesaving habit?

Finally, please, please make sure children in your care are properly restrained. Don’t take a chance with those little ones. Death is final.

Buckle up, Save a Life!


2 comments on “Buckle Up, Save a Life

  1. You know, it’s more amazing how well he who screams the loudest wins. A lot of people who CHOOSE not to wear a seat belt do so because they are better versed and smarter than those who do wear them. Neither option is safe, driving a motor vehicle is not safe. People should be free to choose which they prefer, the horrible damage of a seat belt or the risk of ejection. Before you call someone stupid or irresponsible maybe do a little research into the whole debate.

    Do agree that children should always be in their car seats and child restraints though!

    Oh, I assure you I have done research. In my state of Lousiana of traffic deaths 65% are ones who were ejected, not wearing restraints. I’ll be over generous and say perhaps 10% of those deaths would have happened anyway had they been buckled up. Saving 55% of those wasted lives is really worth it, even if some of them were ignorant or even stupid.


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