Obama the Tax Cutter

Who deserves a tax cut?

Who deserves a tax cut?

The top 50% paid 97.1% of all federal income taxes in 2006. (the above illustration is slightly outdated) Which means the lower 50% paid a grand total of only 2.9 %. And, the bottom 5 % of wage earners who pay federal income taxes received over $8.00 in government assistance for each dollar they paid in 2000. (the $’s are more now)
So, I ask you, who deserves a tax break? Mr. Obama and the Democrats decry giving tax breaks to the “rich”, but why not? When the top 5 % of wage earners are already paying far more than their share (53.25 %) I suggest a tax reduction for them is in order. Oh, by the way it is mainly them and the rest of the top 50 % of wage earners who provide almost all the jobs in America.
Obama tells the same lie several times a day; “95% of every one earning under $250,000 per year will get a tax deduction under my plan”. A technical term for that is “hogwash”. Since the bottom several percent (about 45 %) of wage earners already pay no income tax how is it possible to give them a tax break? The numbers just will not work. The real number, according to the usual rules of logic, is about 50 % and they are the ones who need it less.
What a nutty system! Punish the most productive citizens for being successful and reward the dead beats and encourage more irresponsibility and immorality. We must take care of those who are really needy but our government assistance programs are out of control.
Obama should wear a Robin Hood outfit. It is his goal to, in his words, “spread the wealth around”, translated rob the rich and give to the poor.
Each year millions of people come to the United States from socialist countries for education, health care and medical procedures, and financial opportunity. Why does anyone with an IQ above a turnip think Democrats can fashion a better socialist government than those other countries?
It’s too bad that we don’t have some of the best running for President. No matter who wins, we are caught striving for either national failure or mediocrity at best.

4 comments on “Obama the Tax Cutter

  1. Royce,

    This is the saddest election I can remember, at least with reference to the lack of choice being given the people of this great nation. I find myself, more and more, voting for simply the lesser of two evils. But at the same time, I am confident, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Father is in control. We may be in for some trying days ahead as our great nations continues to turns its back on God. There has never been a greater need for His people to be true to Him and His word.

  2. Obama keeps saying he won’t raise taxes on people making under $250,000. It is a lie because he wants to double capital gains tax. Many, many people who make under $250,000 invest in the stock market and will be effected by that tax hike. That is HUGE and no one is talking about it.

    He even lied to cover up the reason why he wanted to do it. He said because it would increase tax revenue (I believe in an interview with Charlie Gibson). When Gibson confronted him with the fact that tax revenues actually decrease when capital gains taxes are raised he gave his real reason – redistribution of wealth. I am having a hard time not thinking he is a socialist.

  3. For the populace that wants Obama and the Dem’s policies, there is a clear tendency toward 1) envy of those who create the most wealth, and 2) abrogation of social responsibility to “the state” and 3) self-effacement from encouraging sucking on the teet of government over self-improvement and accomplishment. Yep, that’s the truth at the bottom of the lie of “more for all” and “I’m here to save you.”

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