Domain change, Grace Digest history…

As you can see, Grace Digest has a new domain name (URL). Without fail, when I have told someone how to find GD on the web they frantically start searching for a pen and paper. No more! Anyone can remember

If you have us linked, the old URL will still point to the new Grace Digest domain. It will take several hours/days for Google, Yahoo, and other search robots to track us down, but they will.

Grace Digest began on June 29, 2006 at Blogspot, 52 posts later and after enormous frustration, we moved here to WordPress January 11th of 2007. Since that move I have posted 98 times for a total of 150 posts. Today, as I reviewed the archives I discovered that by far, Christ is my favorite topic. Next in number is the Holy Spirit, then the church (Christ’s body of believers), and an assortment of other subjects.

Becoming a blogger brought order to my attempts at writing. Before blogging, much of what I wrote of a spiritual nature was communicated by email only. One of the negatives about blogging is that I just realized I almost never write poetry now. I need to correct that right away. My poetry satisfies and entertains me more than anyone who reads it. I suppose the same is true to some degree about my blogging. Since my early 20’s there is in me a desire that can only be satisfied by sharing what I find on the pages of the Bible and what God has worked out in my life these many years since I was born from above.

My blog has allowed me to meet and get to know some of the dearest folks I have even known. Most of you I will not likely see face to face but I think I know many of you. Thanks for reading, for your kind comments, and encouragement.

Stay tuned, there is more to come with God’s help.

His peace,

4 comments on “Domain change, Grace Digest history…

  1. I enjoy and appreciate your thoughts and your heart, offered for public viewing in this blog. I appreciate your continued focus on Christ. I love you.

    Thanks Jackie. You are very kind. The love is mutual.

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