God’s Soldiers United – Bro’ Mark Robbins

Since hurricanes katrina and Rita I have met scores of great folks who have given of themselves tirelessly to serve others who are less fortunate, hurting, and often homeless. I am amazed at the lengths people will go to help people who are devastated by natural disasters. One of these amazing people is Mark Robbins of Sebring, Florida.

Carol and I met Mark in Bayou La Batre, Alabama not long after Katrina left her ugly mark on the small fishing community. After loosing his girl friend in a motorcycle accident Mark was moved by the Lord to go help the helpless rather than spend his time feeling sorry for himself. The mayor of Bayou La Batre introduced Mark to Daphne German and the Bayou Recovery Project. He went right to work that day and for about 9 months Mark was an invaluable servant in the releif effort in BLB. There is nothing Mark cannot do or will not do short of brain surgery. He laid tile in the Hemley Road church building, cooked the best BBQ bacon wrapped shrimp on the planet, cleaned and repaired houses, delivered food, furniture, and clothing and did anything else that was asked of him.

Mark’s most recent work was in the Iowa floods. He worked out of the Burlington church of Christ and was a wonderful blessing to the folks there where again he demonstrated what a servant looks like. You can visit his website ( http://godssoldiersunited.com/ ) to learn more. Mark Robbins is worthy of your support. He is now raising funds and working at anything he can find so he will have money to go to the next catastrophe ready to help. He has no formal support, only the gifts of people like me and you allow people like Mark and others to serve those in need.

Thanks for your prayers on his behalf.

His peace,

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