Urgent Prayer Request!

It saddens me to pass the news along that our friend and fellow blogger, John Dobbs, lost his 18 year old son in a tragic accident in the last several hours. John recently moved to Monroe where he is the preaching minister at Forsythe Ave church of Christ. John’s wife Maggie and his son stayed in Mississippi until he could graduate high school. John was back on the coast for his graduation this weekend. I don’t have any details at this time.

Please pray for John and Maggie and the other family members, for the Central church where John raised this young man, and for the Forsythe family as well. All of us who know John are broken by this tragic loss.



6 comments on “Urgent Prayer Request!

  1. O, dear Father, please bless John and his family. Help his spiritual family to respond with Your love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    Wow. I’m blown away. As my son just got his learner’s permit, I’m especially touched. May God bless dear John as he has blessed others.

    Grace and peace,

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  3. Thanks, Royce, for putting this up. We just got back from the funeral in Pascagoula. It was a celebration while at the same time being incredibly sad. John and Maggie need lots of prayer so they can gain strength in this most difficult time.

  4. Thanks guys.

    My heart has been broken for the Dobb’s, Allen’s, and Altic’s. Each family lost a wonderful son in the last few days. What an awful loss not only to them but to our community.

    My wife and I just walked in the door from our Grief Share group. Tonight as we encouraged, prayed with, hugged, and tried to give hope, my mind was on John and the other parents.

    God is so much larger than all our difficulties. We must throw our weaknesses and pain upon His strength.

    His peace,

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