Slaughter in a Seminary

2008_03_06t171914_450x295_us_palestinians_israel_violence.jpgWhile driving home just now I was shocked and saddened as I listened to the news of the beastly slaughter of innocents in Jerusalem. When I arrived at home I clicked on to the Drudgereport and read the gruesome details. A Palestinian gunman shot eight seminarians to death and injured more. A group called “Jalil Freedom Battalions – the Martyrs of Imad Mughniyeh and Gaza” has claimed responsibility.

Shots are being fired into the air to celebrate in Gaza, the enemies of Israel are calling this cowardly act “heroic” and Hamas said of it, “This is God’s vengeance”.

Is there any doubt that the murderer and those who are celebrating and praising this wickedness are adherents to the religion of peace, Islam? Just try for a moment to forget history, the biblical narrative of the struggles of middle eastern people, and answer this question. Is there any people on planet earth who are more evil,  wicked, and twisted than those who open fire with an AK-47 on seminary students? It is no more evil than when the same thing happens here in America. Here though it is usually done by someone who was mentally ill, a malcontent who has had social problems, or in some way had given signals that pointed to a disastrous end. The biggest difference is that no one here calls the act of murder “heroic” and believes the shooter was serving God’s interests.

I am not a Zionist, I am a realist. The peace talks are a waste of breath and President Bush’s suggestions are an insult to sanity. Israel can never give enough land, make enough concessions, or in any other way stop the brutality waged against them daily by their sworn enemies. Until they are either driven into the sea or Israel is drowning in the blood of its citizens their enemies will never relent. As long as one Jew is alive those who despise Jews above all else will not rest until they are all dead.

Israel’s Prime Minister has a spine made of rubber. How long will the citizens of Israel sit and wait to be annihilated? The coming weeks will be shocking in my view.

Looking for the Lord from heaven,
Royce Ogle

3 comments on “Slaughter in a Seminary

  1. Royce,

    I had not thought about this but I like your observation that when someone does this in our country we don’t see anything worthy in it.

    I also agree that if Israel thinks this will ever stop they aren’t reading what the enemy is saying.

  2. I heard the report and I am saddened by the state of things in Israel. I am saddened that Bush, Clinton, Rice and others think that Israel should give up anything to terrorist. We must keep Isreal in our prayers, it is what Jesus would do. Yes I think we better keep our eyes open and waiting. I think we better teach our children and grandchildren about the love of Jesus, and we better make sure they know the Word as even the elect will be fooled. No time to spare, the Word must go forth!

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