Pentecost revisited


There is perhaps more sermons preached, lessons taught, and discussions about Acts chapter two than any other chapter in the Bible. I want to devote a few posts to exploring what the Bible says about the events recorded in Acts 2 and expose a myth or two that are accepted as fact but are not supported by the Scriptures.

Our English word Pentecost comes from a Greek word meaning simply 50. It originated in the Old Testament as a festival celebrating and giving thanks to God for the harvest and was celebrated after the 7th Sunday after the beginning of Passover. It is also called the Festival of Weeks. The day of Pentecost recorded in Acts 2 happened on the 50th day after the resurrection of Jesus. All of this is very significant and is worthy of study. You will learn from it that Pentecost, Passover, and many other holy days and festivals were shadows of the one who would come to finally take away sins forever.

The day of Pentecost in the context of Acts chapter 2 does not have much to do with the feast of Pentecost but “Pentecost” is the reference point or land mark in history to focus our thoughts on that first Century day when “the day of Pentecost had fully come”. (Acts 2:1)

I purpose to raise some questions and then attempt to answer them from the Bible. What someone said about the Bible, even if that somebody is me, is not nearly as good as the Word of God. In every encounter with the Holy Scriptures we should adopt the mindset, before we come to its pages, that it will be the final authority for both faith and practice, no matter what anyone else thinks or says about what we find there.

(It seems that for many of us the way to know the Bible is to run out to a book store and find out what brother so and so said, or go to a commentary that usually agrees with what I have already decided, or in some other way supplement the Word of God. I promise you that the best commentary on the Bible is the Bible. Comparing scripture with scripture is more likely than not the best way to learn its truth. Lazy preachers are a big part of the reason churches are impotent. Lazy preachers make those in the pews lazy as well. Well, I just threw this in and it is well worth the price you paid for it. Nonetheless it is true.)

  • Was the day of Pentecost the first time Christians were indwelt by the Holy Spirit?
  • Was the day of Pentecost the first time Christians were filled with the Holy Spirit?
  • Was the day of Pentecost the birthday of the church?
  • What was the main purpose of Pentecost?
  • How does the events of that day long ago effect you, or should they?

I will post the first of this “mini series” in a few days.

Grace to you,
Royce Ogle

3 comments on “Pentecost revisited

  1. Royce the bible is not only the best way to find the truth, it is the only way.

    You are correct sir. I only wish everyone believed and practiced that method instead of believing what someone said about the Bible.

    When I approach the Bible am I willing to accept what it teaches, even if it is different than what I have comfortably believed for years?
    The honest answer to that question is one of the factors as to whether or not I will learn the truth that only the Holy Spirit can teach. The natural man (unsaved) cannot receive the things of God for they are foolishness to him. The Scriptures are Spiritually written and must be Spiritually understood. Perhaps it is true that we sometimes get ahead of the teacher.

    Hope all is well with you and your family friend.

    Grace to you,
    Royce Ogle

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