God is faithful!

Several months ago a small group of folks in Bayou La Batre, Alabama ( the Hemley Road church of Christ )purposed to purchase a building for their permanent home. Priced at a fraction of it’s appraised value, $125,000.00 seemed like an enormous amount to pay for a baby church of about 25 members, most of whom did not have a job or were unable to work because of age, disability, etc. But they boldly started to ask God for the money to purchase the building and to make the need known to God’s people. Wednesday the 15 is the closing date and just today the last of the money needed, with money to spare, became available. They will have the building debt free because they believed God would supply the funds.

I told them again and again that if this is God’s work He will support it if we ask and trust Him. Two weeks ago when I spoke there I again said to them “Open your mouth wide and ask for big things”. They did and God is faithful. My heart is stirred and I am humbled that the God of creation listens to plain, uneducated, poor people and lovingly supplies all their needs when they ask Him.

I have read again and again the little book, really a diary of George Muller of Germany who was responsible for several orphan houses and without ever asking any person for daily needs, God faithfully for many years supplied every need in answer to ernest prayer. In my own life I have seen the faithfulness of God displayed on my behalf in ways any honest observer would have to agree were supernatural.

God is faithful! Thanks to a little group of Christians in Bayou La Batre I am once again encouraged to trust God even more. What do you need? Why not just ask your heavenly Father? He is waiting for your call.

Grace to you,
Royce Ogle

4 comments on “God is faithful!

  1. That’s great to hear, Royce. Thanks for your recent letter … I gave a copy to our elders. Out of the rubble these faithful Christians have worked hard and God has birthed a Kingdom story. I appreciate you and your family and WFR for the good support and work going on there.

  2. Royce,
    Thanks for this wonderful post. I really needed it. It is wonderful to remember that God is faithful. That he is there when we need him the most. I had a bad night saturday and sunday night with pain. Very painful night. Most painful night I have had in months had to preach on Sunday and then again had pain again Sunday night. W/ very little relief that night. I got up around 3 am and some Psalms where David said that God would take care of his pain, he would trust in him, for God was faithful. So, I prayed the Psalms to God and turned it over to him. Asking for relief. Then next day monday I felt a little better, monday night I got good sleep and today I feel much better. It is wonderful that we do serve a God who is faithful. Thank you so much for this post, I needed it alot.

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