3 comments on “Who can be saved?

  1. Royce,

    About your questions, I’m sure I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the ditches on both sides of the truth. At times, in my mind the salvation of a person had almost nothing to do with that person or with God. It was about me and what I could do. At other times, I have been so impressed by the transcendence of God and my own sin that I didn’t know if I or any one else was saved, and wondered if God could see that far or if any of it really mattered to him. Both ways of thinking were the result of my folly and my sin. Most days, I think better than that. God is sovereign. By his Son, he has commanded his church to proclaim the good news and to teach disciples. I like to look at my doing that not so much as saving others, but as a matter of obedience to him who saves all of us who will be saved.

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