God, the Gulf Coast, and you…

roycetina.jpg Last Wednesday my wife Carol and I drove to Bayou La Batre, Alabama to join others in working for the kingdom. Several folks from the Cox Blvd church in Sheffield, Alabama, 2 couples from Sumerset church in Ohio, and others handed out flyers, knocked on doors and shared the gospel with about 60 people. Of those, 19 responded in faith to Christ and were baptised. Then yesterday, two more were baptised. Russ Blackwell from Cox Blvd and Don Hudson from Tenn. were the leaders in the evangelistic effort. We met many wonderful people and loved the fellowship.

We visited New Orleans on Thursday and there visited with two brothers who are doing great works of service, laying the ground work for a harvest in East New Orleans. God has done amazing things all along the Gulf Coast but more is yet to be done.

Wed through Saturday nights we had services withe the BLB congregation. My dear friend John McCord, minister from El Campo church spoke on Wed, the minister from Cox Blvd spoke on Thursday, the minister from nearby Creekwood church spoke on Friday, and I spoke on Saturday. It was a blessed event and much good was accomplished.

The infant church in Bayou La Batre has been faithfully serving in the face of many obstacles and they continue to work night and day serving through the Bayou Recovery Project and the church. Many of those who became Christians last week were people who had been loved by this little group for many months, one plants, one waters, but God gives the increase.

In the next several hours the congregation will have a building under contract and they need help making the many repairs and at least $80k to pay for it. I have confidence God will provide. They will be assisted this summer by the Hilltop Relief and Rescue group who will set up a work camp in mid June. Many other groups have committed to come and help as well. Our congregation, Whites Ferry Road, West Monroe, La, has had a strong presence since the outset and plan to continue. We have repaired, cooked, cleaned up, preached, prayed, taught, and gladly loved this wonderful group of believers in Jesus.

I was delighted to be asked to baptise one of the converts. The picture is the site every day on the main street where passing motorists witnessed people being baptised. What a thrilling thing!

Congregations and individuals all across the country are helping in this needy area. Why don’t you consider helping too? If you have questions, call the church office and ask for Carol with WFR Relief or contact me through the blog and we will provide any information  you request. There are many needs all across the hard hit areas of the coast but this one has stolen our hearts and I felt I must share the need and the harvest with you.

Grace to you,

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