Jesus….how can I know for sure?

The Bible is a remarkable book. It is a combination of 66 different writings with many different authors from varied backgrounds. It is the top selling book in history and continues to top the charts today.
Although it is a wonderful body of literature and is both interesting and beautiful with dozens and dozens of colorful stories about the successes and failures of people, monumental historic events, and guidelines for practical living, the Bible is unique of all other books ever written. It is the revelation of God to people like me and you and can be understood in two ways.
First, the Bible can be read and understood like any other great literary work. One can read it and learn about the people and events and even memorize sizeable sections of it. There is no more interesting book. Secondly, the Bible can be understood spiritually. Unlike any other book ever written, the Bible is a spiritual book. Because its words are literally God’s words, they, like Him, are spiritual and alive. To fully receive the message of God’s revelation the words on the pages of the Bible must be spiritually understood. (1 Cor 2:14)
Many, many people make the mistake of trying to know the truth of the Bible without the aid of the Holy Spirit, who alone can reveal the core truth of God’s revelation to mere men. If you my dear friend approach the Word of God and try to fit all you find on its pages into the mold of human reason you will not understand the truth. The Apostle Paul put it this way. He said it is “foolishness” to those who try to approach the things of God using only natural means. The Bible is both natural and supernatural at the same time. The supernatural component will be completely missed if you insist on trying to ascertain spiritual truth and supernatural concepts using only human logic and reasoning.
In my view, the reason many people who claim to be Christians have difficulty with the bodily resurrection of Jesus, his Deity, His eternal existence, and many of His claims and promises is that because these things do not fit the natural human ability to learn and assimilate facts, many just disregard everything that doesn’t seem logical. Then they also scoff at those who do understand the truth of God’s revelation by the Spirit.

I am convinced that God wants you to know His truth. If you will come to the Bible with an open heart and a willingness to take God at His word, you can know the truth. We understand the Bible by “faith”. The writer of the Hebrews said in chapter 11 verse 3 these words, “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible”.
We understand that God created by simply taking God at His word. The same is true for all other truth. Those who are believers (have faith in God) know the truth and those who are unbelievers (do not trust God) do not know the truth.
Each of us creatures should unreservedly trust the Creator and believe His book, the Bible. In the next few posts I will discuss Jesus Christ and who He is. My hope is that these simple studies will help you to know, or to more fully know, the Godman, Jesus Christ our Lord who is God.
His peace,

4 comments on “Jesus….how can I know for sure?

  1. I believe the proof is overwhelming. History has proved it. The Bible has stood the test of time. I think that Christians have put their faith in it and it has lasted despite persecution.

  2. I am not looking for proof. The looking for signs and wonders, proof as it were, was something that Jesus himself said was dangerous. I have faith, the faith of a child that will jump 20 feet into his fathers waiting arms, never doubting whether or not he will catch me.

    I have belief that every day is a miracle, I woke up today and there was still gravity holding me to God’s creation, and air for me to breath. Why is it we seek proof? When I walk into a massive and wonderful building, do I question how it got there? No, I want to know who the architect was so I can spread the news of what a beautiful palace he has constructed. Why not do the same with the far more wonderous earth that we get to live on?

    Those seeking proof remind me of the one who asked, “If you are truly the Son of God, throw yourself down from this great height, and He will send a legion of angels to save you.” or “He saved others, let us see if he can save himself. If you are God’s son, come down from the cross so that we might see and believe.”

    Stop seeking signs. Look at the proof that is around you every day, if proof is what you desire, and see God right before your very eyes.

    This message is not to convince you of course, Royce, but rather to set others on a path that gets over the doubts of what they cannot see and points them to faith in God.


  3. Thanks Kenney, Jim, and Darin for stopping by. I do plan to continue my study of the Christ in the coming days. If for no other benefit, I am blessed by refreshing myself with the precious truths about the Lamb of God.

    His peace,

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